Monday, October 29, 2012

Random Update with Ponderings on Dark Eldar

As you can see from the dates between the present post and the previous post, I went on a rather long hiatus.  This was mainly due to a combination of job related and personal issues that left no time for blogging. Now that those issues seem to have been mostly overcome, I have been having an itch to return to the blogosphere, especially with the release of 6th edition.  The focus of this article will be on dark eldar.  I will start by giving an update on how my dark eldar have done since the last article posted in January.  I will then transition into having a tactical discussion on my current 6th ed dark eldar list.

The Heroic tale of Hebbish's DE

When I left the blog, I had achieved a fairly good understanding of how to use the dark eldar in 5th edition.  I feel I demonstrated this by writing the report where I had placed 2nd in a tournament.  I continued to place in tournaments, and after making some minor tweaks to my list, I began to consistently win tournaments.  Granted, I wasn't uber good as none of these events were GT level, but I was good enough to be the terror of several stores in the Denver area.  This drastically changed when the 6th edition rulebook hit the shelves.  I pretty much went from winning tournaments to getting tabled in every game I played.  This is not surprising, because the old dark eldar playstyle got severely nerfed.  I won't go into details, as there are enough dark eldar nerd rages on the internet that have made my case.  To be honest, the only reason I didn't rage quit the army was because I have this terrible habit of continuing to stand up regardless of the amount of times I get punched in the face.

It was around this point in August of 2012 when I found myself at a feast of blades qualifier.  I went into the qualifier expecting to come in last when I found that the majority of the entrants had come with a bunch of high toughness daemon lists that hadn't yet incorporated the white dwarf flamer/screamer retardedness.  Since dark eldar are a good matchup for these old style lists, I was able to claim best general, and qualify for the feast of blades invitational tournament.

After I won this tournament, I attempted to perform a list optimization to adapt the DE to sixth ed.  Said attempt was a bit half-assed, as I spent most of my miniatures time being heretical by playing Warmachine.  My half-assed optimization was able to yield the following list, which I used in the feast of blades invitational, that occured last weekend.  The list format for the tournament was 2000 points, single Force Org.

Baron Sathonyx

Eldrad Ulthran

4 Trueborn with Blasters
Venom with Splinter Cannon

3 Trueborn; 2 Dark Lances, Dracon with Venom Blade

2 x 10 Warriors, Blaster, Splinter Cannon

5 Pathfinders

8 Hellions, Helliarch with Agoniser

Fast Attack:
6 Reaver jetbikes with 2 Heat Lances

2 Beastmasters, 5 Kymerae, 4 Razorwing flocks

Heavy Support:

Razorwing with Splinter Cannon, Flickerfields

Talos Pain Engine with Chain Flails, Heat Lance

2 Warwalkers with Scatter Lasers

Aegis Defense line with Quad Gun

Theoretical List Discussion and Practical Findings

The main strategy behind this list is to have Eldrad use his 4 divination powers to force multiply the list to generate a massive amount of "pew pew."  I have him man the quad gun with a kabalite bodyguard, and the rest of the fire-base more or less deploys around him  The purpose of the Baron is to get first turn, so that the "pew pew" strategy can be used to greatest effect; he then spends the game flying around with his hellions, picking on people that are smaller then him and seizing objectives.  The talos and the beasts mainly tie up whatever gets too close.

I ended the tournament with 4 wins and 3 losses.  Considering that I didn't get in many practice games due to my heretical warmachine playing, I would say that the list performed very well.  It is very good at attritioning shooty or assault armies that approach you from the other side of the board.  I found that the list struggles against drop pod style armies.  I originally had not anticipated this to be a problem, as no one brought drop pods in 5th edition.  However, with the nerfs to transports lots of marine players have been using drop pods to get their fire fight units into the fray.  Most of these units were packing flamers, meaning that they negate the cover save offered by my fence.  I think further list optimizations will have to incorporate a failsafe strategy to deal with this problem.  The top 4 players played daemons, so deepstrike lists are most likely here to stay.  I'm kind of at an impasse with coming up with a strategy.  I thought of exchanging my fence(aegis) with a bastion to negate the flamers.  I don't really think that solves much, though since they'll land their melta squad next to the bastion; If they roll a 5+ on the damage table, a lot of elves will die in a blaze of glory.

The main other thing I learned is that the list could use more jetibkes. (Eldar and DE)  I think at the very least, I'll get a second squad of reavers and switch the pathfinders with eldar jetbikes.  This will allow me to sieze/contest more backfield objectives in late game.  Well, that's all I got for now.  In the next post, I will likely write short summaries of each battle that was fought, and analyze them on single basis to see if I can further develop my strategy.


Monday, January 2, 2012

2011: A Year in Review of Hebbish's Hobby Life

So as I said earlier, I am going to be fashionable by writing up a year in review post that seems to be all the rage this year. I will do a review on what I accomplished on the blog, and what I accomplished in my hobby life.

This blog began exactly a year ago during January 2011. At the time, I was gaming with a group of 3 other friends in our houses. We played primarily fantasy, at first, but when the dark eldar codex came out, I generated enough enthusiasm to convince the group to shift focus to 40k. When the focus shifted to 40k, we began to listen to a lot of podcasts like 11th company and deepstrike radio, and read a lot of 40k blogs. This brings us to the birth of my blog in January of 2011. Essentially, the imperium player in the group wanted to try his hand at 40k blogging and form a blog network. I love to write, so it did not take me much convincing to be the elf expert in the blog, while two other guys would cover imperium and random xenos armies. The original purpose of our blog was to attempt to expand the gaming group by documenting our activities. As a result of this, the first half of 2011 contains a few articles documenting campaigns we did, battles we fought, tournaments we went to as a group, books we were reading, etc...

The disaster struck half way through the year. Instead of increasing the gaming group it pretty much died out for various reasons. I think one guy had a religious problem with gw, while another guy decided that it would be a better idea to spend hours staring at a pond full of aquatic inverebrates. Though I couldn't resist ribbing them, I have no quarrel with either of these people for leaving the hobby to pursue new hobbies. However, I didn't have any desire to quit warhammer, as well. As a result of this, I broadened my horizons and began to play in local clubs and tourneys. I went to my first GT at tacticon, and I attended quite a few rtts. This caused the blog to change and act as a personal journal for the tourneys I attended. I also continued to throw in book reviews and tacticas. I have continued to write the aforementioned articles to the present day.

In conclusion, I feel that even though there was some bad things that happened this year(death of the gaming group), my hobby life and blog experience could be described as a major positive. I learned quite a bit about blogging, which could help greatly if I ever have to establish a blog in my professional life. Furthermore, my hobby life got a lot better in the sense that I am playing a diverse amount of people. Though there are some cool aspects about playing the same 2 guys over and over again, it doesn't really do anything to help your tactical skills cause you just learn how to specifically counter those two guys. Furthermore, you can find a lot of cool painting tips from looking at other peoples models. Therefore, I fully advocate people gaming clubs, going to tournaments, etc...

If you've gotten this far, I have to give you kudos for getting through one year of my bs. :) I most likely will not be continuing the blog. The main reason for this is that the blog was created for my original gaming group, meaning that those were the only dudes reading it. Since the gaming group is dead, no one is reading my random bs, and I really have no desire to go market the blog to new people. (too much work for too little gain)

I hope you enjoyed the blog as much as I did, and have a Happy New Year!


Hypex Cult's Second Tournament

Yesterday, I attended a tournament with the hypex cult. I changed up the cult to add a second ravager, as shown below:

Huskblade, Soultrap, Combat Drugs, Haywire Grenades, Shadow Field
Baron Sathonyx
4 Trueborn
3 Blasters, 1 Splinter Cannons
Splinter Cannon
5 Incubi
Splinter Cannon
9 Wyches
Haywire Grenades, Shardnet/Impaler, Hekatrix with Agoniser
Flickerfields, Grisly Trophies, Torment Grenade Launchers
9 Wyches
Haywire Grenades, Shardnet/Impaler, Razorflails, Hekatrix with Agoniser
Flickerfields, Grisly Trophies, Torment Grenade Launchers
5 Kabalite Warriors
1 Blaster
Splinter Cannon
5 Kabalite Warriors
1 Blaster
Splinter Cannon

6 Reavers
2 Heat Lances

8 Hellions
Helliarch with Stunclaw

Flicker Fields,

Flicker Fields,

Razorwing Jetfighter
Splinter Cannon, Flickerfields

The tournament used a rulebook type missions, and it awarded battle points for the degrees of victory that you won by. For example, if you were playing an objective mission, and you held 1 more objective than your opponent, you would only get a minor victory and be awarded 13 battle points. However, if you held five more objectives than your opponent, you would get a massacre and be awarded 20 battle points. You could also generate additional battlepoints by completing a list of achievements such as killing all your opponents heavy support, etc... Listed below is a summary of the three games I played:

Game 1

The first game was an objective mission with a spearhead deployment. My opponent was a black templar player who was running 2 units of furious charge terminators with a mix of lightning claws and th/ss. Both units were deployed in land raiders with characters, and he had a predator for tank hunting. The rest of the army was 5 man tactical squads in rhinos with special weapons(I believe half were las and half were melta).

I won first turn and picked the pair of corners that had the least line of sight blocking terrain. My logic was that I was going to use all my lances to blow all his heavy support to smithereens while my combat troops would zoom forward to set up for turn 2 assaults. It was a good plan until he siezed the initiative! This is the first time I have seen someone dance while playing a game of 40k, while sober. lol

After the td dance he launched a barrage of lascannon fire at me. Thankfully the flickerfileds saved the day, as the only thing he was able to do was stunlock my incubi venom and, immobilize both wych raiders. Granted, this was a pain in the ass, since it effectively shut down my combat units for the entire game, but my much needed heavy support was still alive. The rest of the game came down to a shooting match, which was good for me, cause I had more long range weapons than he did, meaning that he took more damage than I did. I was on the verge of getting my combat units into assault when time was called. :(

At the end of the game, there were no objectives held. Basically, I thought I was holding one with my kabalites, but forgot about the rule that says you have to be on the same level as the objective. *facepalm* Since the game was a draw, we both got 10 battle points. We both got two achievements for keeping our HQs alive and keeping each other out of our deployment zones. I, however, got a 3rd achievement for wiping his heavy support, so I won by 1 battlepoint!

MVP: My hellions for advancing up the middle of the field, and then taking a charge from a dreadnought. This allowed them to hit and run farther up the field which in turn allowed them to contest the one objective my opponent held.

Game 2

Second game was a killpoint mission with a twist. Each army got one extra IC called the traitor which had space marine stats, two wounds and a 4+/5++ save. This traitor was worth 5 kill points. Your opponent was supposed to provide the traitor by giving you one of his extra troop models. Since I was playing against tyranids my traitor was a termagaunt, and I gave my opponent a kabalite warrior. How and why a termagaunt decided to betray the hive mind is beyond me!

My opponents list had a mix of big, little and medium sized bugs. This amounted to 2 units of 10 genestealers, 2 units of 15 termagaunts, a unit of 20 hormagaunts, a Tervigon, a Hive Tyrant with a deathstar of T6 things, 4 Shrikes, 2 units of hive guard with anti-tank guns, and the doom of malantai in a mycetic spore.

I won first deployment, and deployed according to the terrain. The board was covered with a lot of line of sight blocking ruins. Therefore, I deployed in front of an area that had two ruins standing next to each other. These ruins created a natural choke point, meaning that my basic plan was to have my wyches rush forward and man the choke points, while my venoms shot through the ruins and killed his army. It was a good plan until my opponent siezed the initiative! At this point I was forced to exercise meditative calming rituals to keep myself from breaking out into a stream of expletives aimed at the dice gods!

According to the rules of the scenario, the traitor could only join a unit of troops, so my traitor had joined the wyches since that was the only transport that had a empty slot available. My opponent decided to focus fire on this transport, and he managed to blow it up, and kill half the wyches inside. He also managed to stunlock a ravager, and stunlock my archon's venom. The rest of his army moved towards the choke point. The genestealers moved through the ruins on either side of the choke-point. The only unit that didn't advance was the tervigon and the traitor. He deployed the traitor in an enclosed ruin in his deployment zone, and had his tervigon stand guard outside of the ruin.

At the beginning of my turn, my jetbikes demonstrated that you cannot hide from the dark eldar by doing a 36" turbo boost and running over the traitor. They managed to take a wound off him. In further movement my traitor went and joined the hellion squad, as it was the safest place for him. I figured that his former wych escort was dead anyway, so I charged them into the choke point to act as the first line of defense. The rest of my army split into 2 fire teams and blew away the genestealers.

In his turn, he had his traitor flee from the ruins into the middle of the board away from my jetbikes. The tervigon then pooped out a unit of termagaunts and turned to reap vengeance on my jetbikes. His shooting phase screwed him, as he killed enough jetbikes to where he couldn't get the charge.(all hail wound allocation shenanigans!) That being said the main battle was not going to well for me. My razorwing got blown to smithereens and my ravagers were stunlocked. A unit of hormagaunts rolled over the wyches holding the choke points like they weren't even there. To top it off his shrikes flew in behind my hellions, wiped out half of them and killed my traitor. My hellions were able to do enough return damage to tie the combat.

In a desperate attempt to regain the field my archon charged the shrikes that had tied up the hellions with his wyches and predictably eliminated them, thanks to the huskblade. After this, I set a trap by consolidating away from the choke point that I had been previously trying to hold. Furthermore, I set up my consolidation, where my archon moved farther way. This gave the appearance that I was afraid of the hormagaunts holding the choke point, and that I especially did not want them fighting my archon . In my opponents consecutive turn, he took the bait as he decided to slyly demonstrate to me how you can't run from 3d6 fleet hormagaunts. Therefore he fleeted and combo charged my hellions and my archons wych squad. He found out the hard way what happens when you charge baron sathonyx, an archon, a full wych squad, and half a hellion squad. Needless to say, the gaunts were slaughtered before they even got to hit. This was huge because if he had only charged sathonyx's squad he would have been getting two kill points, and he would have held the choke point for his other support units, meaning that I would have been overwhelmed and maybe even tabled. Instead I was able to regain the choke point, while getting a handy kill point, which allowed my venoms to move forward and establish good firing positions.

The rest of the game consisted of me blowing the crap out of his army. Single squads would walk up one by one to the choke point only to get blown away. Meanwhile my ravager was able to snipe the final wound off the traitor and gain the much needed 5 kill points. The icing on the cake was when my Incubi ganked the tervigon. At the end of the game, he only had his deathstar and a unit of termagaunts left, gaining me a major victory! All in all a very intense game against a pretty cool guy who actually has made tyranids work.

MVP: The archon for obvious reasons

Game 3

The third game was a dawn of war victory points game against the craftworld eldar. His list consisted of 3 wraithlords, 3 units of swooping hawks, an autarch, eldrad ulthran with 10 guardians in a serpent, banshees in wave serpent, dragons in a wave serpent, and jetbikes. I guess he had gotten tired of mechdar, so he was going for a hit and run style list. This opponent was probably the best tactician I faced in this tournament. The end result of the game does not reflect that for two reasons. One, a list that relies on wraithlords already has a distinct disadvantage against an all poison army like dark eldar. Two, Eldar were my first army, so I have a really good idea how to fight them, meaning that I was already prioritizing targets even before the first unit had been deployed.

I won the roll off to go first and threw down sathonyx and the hellions in the middle of the table. He did not sieze the initiative, cause he didn't try. (thank god!) I boosted all my combat units to the middle of the field and had my shooting stay in the middle of my deployment zone. This ensured that he really had nowhere to run. He tried to alpha strike me by having his banshees and dragons come up the middle of the field, and have his wraithlords take firing positions on my flank. He was only really able to take out my archon's wave serpent. I then blew up his wave serpents, shot the tar out of his banshees, and assaulted his dragons with my archon to pick up the pain token. In the next round I poison killed his wraithlords and assaulted eldrad ulthrans squad. In two rounds of combat I wiped out the guardian squad, and my archon killed eldrad. At this point he just did hawk bombing runs and jet bike shenanigans. He definitely gave me a run for my money and got a surprising amount of kills, but it wasn't enough to make a difference. In the end I got a major victory!

MVP: My opponent for being an extremely good sport through a very harsh game.


At the end of the tournament, they announced I was second place, which made my day. I know that second place is only first place loser, but it's better than all my other tournaments where I was more or less second to last. I got a 30 dollar gift card so I took home a box of mandrakes to help in the building of my webway list when I get bored of my air force dudes. That pretty much sums it up. I hope you enjoyed this report. I'll probably be writing some end of the year bs post that seems to be in fashion these days, so stay tuned for that.


Tuesday, November 22, 2011

First Heretic Book Review

Once again real life has intervened with spiteful vengeance meaning that my blog has been left in absence. Actually, my hobby life has been rather nonexistent, as the only thing I've been doing is reading. Therefore, I thought I would post a review on The First Heretic, a book written by my favorite Black Library author, Aaron Dembski Bowden.

The First Heretic is the fourteenth installment in the Horus Heresy series. It covers the events that caused Lorgar and his Word Bearers legion to fall to chaos. This is probably one of the more important stories in the Horus Heresy series due to the fact that Lorgar was the first primarch to fall to chaos, meaning he was also the primarch that caused horus and all the other heretic legions to fall.

The book begins with the destruction of Monarchia, a city that the Word Bearers had conquered, previously. Basically, the Ultramarines show up, evacuate the entire city, and then bomb the crap out of it. They then summon the entire Word Bearer legion to the destroyed remains of the city. It is at this point where we are introduced to Captain Argel Tal, a word bearer captain, who is the main character of the series. When the Word Bearers show up, the emperor teleports in and rebukes Lorgar for declaring him as a god.

The rest of the book covers Lorgar's reaction to this event. Basically, the guy goes completely emo, journeys to the eye of terror, and falls down to worship the chaos gods, because daddy didn't love him. The book then ends by covering the events of Istvaan V.

Even though, I couldn't help mocking lorgar in this review, I thoroughly enjoyed this book. Aaron Dembski Bowden leaves the reader sympathizing with the Word Bearers, which is a feat that no other black library author has been able to accomplish. It also provides a lot of insight on rivalries that occur between other legions. For example, we learn why the Word Bearers hate the Ultramarines with a passion. We also learn about why Night Lords hate mutation, and we get to see Corax kill things like a boss. In conclusion, this is one of the Horus Heresy books that you don't want to skip.


Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Hypex Cult's Epic Fail

I went and attended the Horustooth Heresy in Fort Collins. Though I did awful battle points wise, the tournament was a lot of fun, and I learned a lot of things that will help my list in future endeavors. Below is a very brief summary of the games I played.

Game 1

The first game was against a objective game against an Imperial Guard player that was running a Straken list that had a mix of mech and blob squads. The game started out evenly as I was able to shut down his blob squads via my Razorwing alpha strike, and he was able to pin my Hellion squad through the use of psyker battle squads. The turning point was when he brought his guns to bear and wiped out 90% of my combat units, meaning that I did not have enough guys to stop him from racing chimeras forward and contesting. I tried to throw a few 'hail marys' by doing objective contests, but none of them paid off. At the end, he ended up getting max battle points, and I only got about 7.

MVP: My archon, was shot out of his raider, and then his wych escort ate about 5 multi-lasers until there were 2 left. He still managed to get into combat with straken's command squad and wipe it out. At this point his wych bodyguard was dead, so he walked into the IG deployment zone by himself, while taking 2 rounds of IG shooting. He then wiped out a special weapons squad, and assaulted a blob squad to hold it up until he died to a guardsmen's bayonet at end of game.

Game 2

The second game was against an ork player. The scenario used a specialized type of kill point objective, where you could only claim kill points if you had someone within 12" of the troop that got wiped. The secondary objective was capture and control and the tertiary was to kill your opponent's elite choices. Basically in this game, I kicked the tar out of my opponent, as I wiped out half his army, while only losing a few of my transports. He still won, because they gave us a 5 minute warning in the bottom of his turn 3, and since I thought we had 3 turns to go, I was not holding any objectives. However, since he got the warning in his turn, he was able to speed trukks into objectives and win with full points. I didn't really care too much, cause I wasn't going to win the tournament anyway, but it did seem a bit unfair, since it was looking like I would have tabled the guy if we had played a full game. Most other tournaments I've gone to give 30 minute warnings, followed by 15 minute warnings, so this doesn't happen. I guess I learned the lesson to keep my own time at a tourney.

MVP: The Razorwing; In turn 2 Gazzgull Thraka, Snikrot and a mob of kommandos tried to come up behind me, and do some damage. The Razorwing would have none of it and rained anti-personell missiles down on them, wiping out 80% of the squad, which forced them to go to ground just to survive, which in turn meant they did nothing for the entire game.

Game 3

This game was against a blood angel mech list. The primary objective was victory points, the secondary was eliminating all your opponent's tanks, and the third was kill the highest point heavy support. He won the roll off for 1st turn despite my darn baron. I was faced with a difficult choice, where I can reserve or deploy in cover. I found a way to give my entire army a 4+ cover save, so I decided to deploy. The exceptions was the Razorwing which was placed in reserve. Deploying turned out to be a mistake, since I did not pass a single cover save in the first turn, and he could not roll below a 4 on the damage table. This meant that I lost my Ravager, both my Raiders, my trueborn's venom, and my incubi's venom got stunlocked. At this point there wasn't really much I could do to win the game. I focused fire on his storm raven in the first couple of turns, and achieved tertiary objective. After that I tried to employ a few dice dependent stratagems to make a come back but none of them worked, so he ended up winning.

MVP: A kabalite squad; it got charged by a assault squad that had a sanguinary priest in it. They somehow managed to kill 2 guys that have 3+ armour and fnp, while making enough 5+ saves that 2 men survived. These 2 men then broke from combat, and while they were running off the field, the kabalite with the blaster turned around and blew up a razorback.


It was a really fun tournament, even though the results imply otherwise. All my opponents were really cool guys, which made the games a lot of fun, anyway. I believe I'm going in the right direction with my cult. It seems to be in desperate need of a 2nd ravager, so I'm probably going to get one of those, and fit it into the list ASAP. I'm also toying with the idea of dropping the jetbikes for another venom kabalite squad.


Friday, October 21, 2011

Hypex Cult vs. Space Wolves

The Hypex Cult faced off against a space wolf army:

Rune Priests
3 Squads of 10 Grey Hunters in Rhino
10 Wolf Guard with frost weapons in Rhino
5 Wolf Guard 2 with cyclone, terminator armour, 3 with power weapons
2 squads of 5 Missile Launcher Long Fangs
1 Heavy Bolter Long Fangs
Wolf Scouts

We rolled pitched battle annihilation, and he won the roll for first turn. For some reason, my bloody baron has been having foresight issues recently. He spread his entire deployment across the board, where he had a long fang squad in the center, and one on each flank. Each Long Fang squad got a grey hunter rhino sitting in front of it. He then did the wolf guard split thing by putting the cyclones in each long fang squad, and the power weapons in each grey hunter squad. One rune priest was deployed in a missile launcher long fang squad on the flank, and the other joined the wolf guard squad, which was deployed in the center.

I decided that there was enough cover on the board, where I could deploy most of my army and take the long fang strike. I basically did a refused flank strategy to deny him the ability to bring his entire firepower to bear. Resultantly, I deployed my entire army on the flank that was opposite the long fang squad that had the rune priest join it. The exception was my bloody baron who was deepstriking, and my Razorwing, which got thrown in reserve.

The Battle

The gist of the battle is that he focused fire on my combat squads transports in turn 1 and destroyed them. This forced them to walk through lots of bolter fire. They took heavy casualties, but were still able to make it to the other side, and with the help of kabalite fire support, and the use of multi-assault fleet moves, they won all the combats, and took the flank. At this point he tried driving other grey hunter squads across the board, but I was able to take them out with combined shooting and assaulting. The game ended in turn 6, and I won by 1 KP!

MVP: The Ravager and the Razorwing- In turn 2, the ravager popped the wolf guard's rhino, and the razorwing wiped out all the wolf guard. If this had not happened, those wolf guard would have probably gotten into combat on turn 3 and wiped out half my army.


This was a rather tough battle that once again reminded me how important getting first turn is for dark eldar. I think the main reason I won is because I was rolling above average on my saves. I'm not sure if reserving in this situation is a better idea.


Thursday, October 20, 2011

Hypex Cult vs. DE coven

The Hypex cult faced off against the following DE coven last week:

Urien Rakarth with 3 Grotesques
2X WWP Haemonculi with 9 wracks in raiders
Haemonculi wth 10 Kabalite Warriors, 1 had Dark Lance
9 Reavers with 3 heat lances and 3 caltrops
Beastmaster squad with all beasts

The thing that made this fight interesting is he took everything, I didn't take. The basic tactics behind his list is to race forward with haemonculi wrack squads and drop both portals at which point his monsters and beasts come out of the portal to eat things.

This was an objective game with 4 objectives. We threw down a crap ton of ruins on the table for terrain. We then rolled for first turn, and he won, regardless of my bloody baron's bonus. He deployed his raiders centrally and his ravager on one flank. He put his kabalite squad in a ruin that held an objective. I decided to deploy everything centrally as well. Generally I would reserve against a DE player who gets first turn, but he didn't have very many lances, so I figured, I could weather the onslaught.

My drug roll: Hypex!
His drug roll: Hypex!

The Game

Basically, he surged forward with his transports, deployed his portals, and then fluffed all his shooting rolls. I then annihilated one wrack squad with my Razorwing, and multi-assaulted the second wrack squad with Incubi, and my 2 Wych squads. I fluffed all my wound rolls and the wrack squad survived and won combat! :s Thanks to the grisly trophy rolls all my guys survived. His reserve roll anounced the arrival of Urien Rakarth and the grotesque squad who charged into the massive combat. This was when my luck turned in my favor. Basically, over a couple rounds of combat, my archon used his huskblade to instant death the normal haemonculi to double his strength to 6 via soultrap. He then used his new strength to instant death Urien Rakarth, which made him strength 10, at which point he annihilated the grotesques as my wych squads annihilated his wrack squad. My archon then led the wych squad to take out the warrior squad that was holding the objective.

At this point the game was pretty much over, since he had lost his scoring units. His pain engines, the reavers and the beasts eventually came out of the portal and did mass amounts of damage to my army, but they were not able to do enough to where they could contest all objectives. We called it at turn 6, as a win for the Hypex Cult!


MVP: My Archon for killing three ICs, a grotesque squad, and a kabalite squad

It was a pretty fun game. Unfortunately, my opponent was at a disadvantage against my army. I'm going to spend the rest of the post talking about his list, since another dark eldar list is a point of interest for me for obvious reasons. The 2 things that impressed me about his army was the kabalite squad and the 9 man reaver squad. The kabalite squad with the haemonculi in cover were surprisingly durable. I think I must have shot at them with all my venoms for 3 turns, and they didn't die. This is an option that I am now seriously considering doing with warriors and trueborn. If you had 2 squads of warriors and a squad of trueborn in cover, that would give you 4 lances that you could fire almost every turn. If you could combine this with venom spam, you could have an alpha strike element and then a mop up element to your list. Essentially, first you alpha strike with the venom spam. Then all your venom death traps get blown up, which is no big deal since you have the mop up squads.

I had never thought of maxing out reavers, since I always thought that it would be too expensive, but his 9 man squad came out of the portal, wiped out an incubi squad from fly by attacks to gain a pain token. It then turned around and shot it's three lances at my razorwing to kill it. I assaulted it with a 2 man wych squad just to tie it up for a couple rounds of combat, which worked to my advantage. However, after the squad got annihilated he began doing fly by attacks on my other wych squad that was on a objective. The thing that saved me was that the squad was in cover and they had 3 pain tokens. The ability to kill an entire squad with fly by attacks gives a lot of added versatility to reavers. Having a 3+ cover save and fnp pretty much turns my reavers into terminators. The downside is I would have to use the unit very smart, since a single mistake means I just lost 300 points. That being said, this is nothing new for the DE army.